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Are Germs Taking Over Your Grocery Cart ?

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Are Germs Taking Over Your Grocery Cart ?
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In a recent news report, a study found that the handle and the seat of a grocery cart, could harbor a million bacteria!

The Center for Disease Control, said that riding in shopping carts is risky for kids, and especially infants since your child will probably be holding onto the handle.

Food-borne bacteria from meat and poultry makes millions of people sick every year.

Micro-biologist and germ expert Dr. Gerba said, that's not even the worst part. " Overall, slightly more than 60 to 70 percent of the carts had fecal bacteria on them, and usually hundreds of thousands of bacteria on the average shopping cart". In fact, the carts had more bacteria than public phones and restrooms.

He also said, " This is probably due to the large number of people using them, and the handling of raw food products. "You are probably putting your broccoli right where some kid's bottom has been".

What can you do?

Fortunately, supermarkets are becoming aware of this health concern and are starting to take action. Some have installed cart sanitizing systems or disposable sanitary wipes for customers.

What if the store does not provide the opportunity to clean your cart?

Arm yourself with your own pack of wipes, or bring an alcohol gel sanitizer with you, and as soon as you can get to a sink, wash your hands.

If your grocer does not provide a way to clean your cart, experts recommend you ask them to!

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