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A Trap to Avoid... from Clean Environment Janitorial
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At Clean Environment Janitorial Services we take our work very seriously! We do every thing possible to insure that we, maintain a consistently clean environment for our customers.

However from time to time it is humanly possible to over look something while performing our regular cleaning routines.

We will gladly make every effort to correct anything that may have been overlooked, and do our best to make sure it doesn't occur again in the future.

When something is overlooked, please let us or our employee know about it right away, we consider your input to be of great value, and will do everything we can to correct the situation, so that you will be happy.

Due to poor lighting in some buildings at night in certain areas, things like a piece of paper, a cobweb, or the like can be overlooked do to these conditions. Things that might be seen in the sunlight during the day are sometimes not visible at night.

With all this, I would like to touch upon a subject that we find very frustrating for time to time, and very unprofessional.

Setting traps is an underhanded approach to detecting cleaning neglect. For example, management (or even tenants) will mark an object (like a paper clip, a bottle cap, toothpick, rubber band, or match) and place it around, in back of, or under or on something to measure the cleaner's thoroughness.

No one with any class at all (sets traps). It has no dignity, and is less productive than any other approach.

What will you say to the cleaner the next morning when you call him in and display your handful of planted junk? " Look what you are missing, this stuff I laid around to trap you." How much improvement it that going to generate? NONE! Instead they will dislike you and spend time looking for traps rather than cleaning the building.

As mentioned above, we are there to do our best to keep your facility looking it's best, but over-sites can and will happen (we are human). However, we only ask to be respected and give us the opportunity to work together to accomplish that goal.

One other topic I would like to bring up is rebidding an account every year to see if the price is competitive, even if you are happy with the service.
 I understand, that in today's business environment that we all must watch where our money is spent however, if a company has been working with you day in and day out throughout the year and has done a good, reliable, and honest job for you, while keeping your building secure, these are traits of great value that must be earned, hence they are things that should also be considered in your evaluation.
It is not right to try a replace someone who has earned your trust and worked hard for you throughout the year, only to lose that account by, trying to find someone else that might be willing to do the job for $50.00 a month cheaper, whom you know nothing about.

If you a guilty of either one of these topics. Please , do not call us for an estimate. We work in a professional manner, and only want to put our time and resources into business's that are like minded and truly appreciate a good working relationship.

       Clean Environment Janitorial Services 327 Vista Ave.
                                Vandalia, Ohio 45377 

"Consistently pleasing customers like you for more than 25 years"

My Personal Guarantee:

I am not satisfied until you are. Clean Environment Janitorial Services guarantees it. If you see anything that is not up to your standards, just let me know,
 and I will correct it, by returning at the earliest possible moment, to take care of any of your concerns.   


When you make Clean Environment Janitorial Services your partner, rest assured, we will provide a quality service that is dependable, consistent, efficient, and affordable.
This will allow you the time, to focus on issues critical to your core mission. This describes the  Clean Environment Janitorial Services Guarantee. Absolutely, No Fine Print, No Hassle, And No Worries.  


To learn more about what I've discussed, call me now, at ...

(937) 830 - 6108 to schedule your free, no obligation business analysis.

"The office cleaning company Dayton turns to for cleaning solutions"

                                  Keep America Strong...

"Support Your Local Businesses"


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